Corner Workers


The corner worker position is responsible for the safety of the track participants and safety crews when they are on track. Providing our customers with a safe environment and assisting with emergencies as needed. The flagger displays warning flags, informing oncoming racers of any hazards. The safety assists the stranded vehicle and clears the track. The communicator keeps race control informed via radio of the work being done on the corner and any additional needs during the incident. The captain coordinates and trains the crew. Workers are responsible for maintaining the racetrack in a safe operating condition. Workers inform the drivers of track conditions through the use of flags and hand signals. Workers aid drivers and clean the track of debris, oil, and vehicles.

This is an event-based position. Shifts and hours will vary based on our event needs.


  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Hours can be long and vary by week and event type. The candidate must be willing to workdays, nights, weekends. And holidays and support our public events.
  • Willing to be outside all day in any weather
  • Ability to work longer days if necessary
  • Wear white
  • Ability to remain standing up for several hours
  • Must be punctual 
  • Must attend corner safety training classes

Responsibilities, but not limited to:

  • Watch the vehicles closely and note any loose parts, excessive smoke, or liquids coming out
  • Watch for contact between participants 
  • Constantly monitor and observe the track and participants
  • Ability to use proper flags to communicate with drivers and other stations if need be
  • Note participants who pass during a waving yellow or waving red flag 
  • Control the flaggers area; ensure that spectators remain behind the fences, make sure photographers and videographers are in their designated areas
  • Must communicate clear and relevant information to the race control in a quick and pertinent manner 


Have an understanding of the different flags and their meaning. Must be able to remain concentrated for long periods of time. Must show initiative, enthusiasm and punctuality. 


  • Max. file size: 8 MB.

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